Surf Board Table

In searching and reviewing all the images on my hard disk yesterday to find the ones I want to put up on my web site I remembered this great coffee table I designed and made for a fellow surfer. This was something I wanted to be sure and show. Unfortunately I could not find it on my computer. Eventually I started looking in various CDs I’d burned and finally found it in a zip archive. Actually, the file I found was the Rhino file I’d created to do the design work. After all that searching I though I might as well put it up on my blog today as it will still be sometime before I can show it on a new web site.

Rhino let’s me create simple line drawings like this:Urf Board Table by Todd Fillingham

as well as renderings using Flamingo. Here’s a rendering that I created then used Paint Shop Pro to reduce the number of colors used to slim down the file size. By doing that it made a nice ring pattern reminiscent of water on the floor.

Surf Board Table rendering by Todd Fillingham.

In designing a surf board coffee table I wanted to express some sense of the curve of a wave under the table top. I chose to abstract that curve and make use of the negative space around the structure to give some dynamism to the design. The curved space varies as you change your view point.

This is a good example of a design that really has to have several jigs to accomplish the joinery. Now that I have worked them out and have saved my construction notes I hope to sell a few more. The price for this table would start at $1,000. The price will vary depending on the wood species used.

I would love any feedback on this design.


Fillingham Art Furniture Design


part 2 is here

10 thoughts on “Surf Board Table

  1. Todd,

    Where can I get one? Do you ship to L.A. How about to former Milwaukeean Psychologists who marry Germans? Well, would you?

    GREAT TO SEE THIS!!!! Let’s talk soon and keep it going!

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  3. Hello Mr. Fillingham I am a woodshop student in advance woodshop class were we get to make furniture an projects an when I had a idea about making a project involing a surfboard and table. I decided to look online for some ideas. Then I found your creation an thought that was somthing I could do and now am working on the same concept a surfboard coffee table so thank you very much for the idea.

      • Thanks for responding, I finshed my woodshop project a surfboard coffee table it looks great the table has been finshed since mid june. I’ll try to send you some pictures through your email and more information about what woods I used in my project. Thanks agian for the idea it got me an A in woodshop, I hope you like what I have come up with as a design for a coffee table.

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