I’ve brought a drawing I did some time ago in from home to repair the frame and thought I’d take a picture of it and post it today. There’s a little key stoning as I didn’t quite get the optimal set up for shooting it but I’ve cropped it so you won’t really notice it.


I drew this back in 1983 while taking a course in figure drawing at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. This model was great for what I was trying to express in my figures. I have another drawing I did of him that I actually like better than this one and I hope to shoot it soon.





There is something about figure drawing that changes the way my brain works, the way it looks at things and the way I draw. I need to do more of it.











4 thoughts on “sitter

  1. Thank you surface earth. I really appreciate your comments. I saw your site earlier today and really liked the music drawing. You might want to check out the It’s Only Music link I have up, Bob Reitman really puts on a great show for doing a lot of things listening to music.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Feel free to drop a link to your post over on my blog. I like drawing to music, that one on my site, the newest one was done in the space of a song. I’ll hunt around your site, but drop a link on mine, others there would be interested.

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