Bid process

I’m working on a bid and design for a small project today. A client called and asked about toy storage and book cases. After a site visit to discuss the project, get dimensions and take a few pictures I generated a quick study in the form of block studies of the proposed pieces. I want to be sure that the client and I are thinking of the same thing before I start working out the details and a bid price.

Here’s one of the views .

toy-storage.jpg I use Rhinocerous nurbs modeling for Windows to create the models and Flamingo for rendering.

I understand that the budget will be tight for this project so I’m thinking of building the cases out of baltic birch plywood. You can simply round over the edges and sand them smooth with out having to add solid edging. This not only is nice looking but saves time.

Here’s a stand up desk I recently made with a top that was made from baltic birch plywood. The edge detail isn’t really clear. but you can get an idea of what I’m talking about from this shot.

Stand up desk by Todd Fillingham.

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