Surf Board Table III -ii

Part 2 in the making of the surf board coffee table.


One more check of the pattern with the boards test clamped then I trace the pattern onto the boards to help me align them during glue up.


I gather up my supplies- wood glue, shop made applicator, extra clamps, wax paper and a rag -and bring them to the glue up frame area of the shop. You can see the boards set on the glue up frame in preparation of a test clamp. Once you start spreading the glue you have to work fast to get the boards set up on the frame, aligned and clamped so it pays to have everything you may need at hand.

pc050022.jpg Here’s the glue up frame with the work pieces all clamped in the test clamp. This is the time to decide if you need more clamps, cross palls or other supplies.

pc050019.jpg The cross palls are, in this case 2 x 4s, clamped across the direction of the glue joints to hold the boards in alignment and in a single plane. They also keep the whole glue-up assembly from popping off the frame when I crank down on the bar clamps.

Now I take everything down and spread the wood glue on the edges to be glued.

pc050023.jpg Did I mention that you have to work fast to do this?

While the top is in the clamps as the glue sets I work on cutting out the legs. pc050003.jpg

Once the legs are cut out on the band saw they go to the drum sander to sand out the saw blade marks and get the legs to their final shape. pc050004.jpg

to be continued…. here

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