Surf Board Table III -iii

The legs are cut to fit up against the center arc at a 30 degree angle and mortises or slots are cut on that beveled face to receive the tenons that fit through the arc. I use the arc pattern to locate the slots in the arc.


After cutting those I do the final shaping on the arc. The convex curve is shaped on the belt sander table.


And the concave curve is shaped by hand using a spoke shave.


A test assembly of two of the legs to the arc reveals an interesting form.


I often take a little time to consider the forms created by accident when assembling furniture elements. To some degree there is not that much “accident” involved as I intentionally created the parts with the goal of creating an interesting or compelling shape.

I use to whip out an old Polaroid camera and take a few shots. Then I’d pin them to my office wall. I still study them for ideas.


Now I use one of digital cameras and my hard drive has become the studio wall. I actually like the studio wall better.

Adding the second set of legs makes it easier to see how this could turn into a coffee table.p1010019.jpg

Next I’ll shape the top, add some cross pieces and I can glue up the base.

Next post is here.

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