Surf Board Table III -vi


I mix a custom blend for my wipe on, oil finish. After the oil mix is applied I allow it to soak into the wood then wipe it dry. I’ll apply at least three coats, buffing with very fine steel wool in between coats. Each coat takes a day to dry.

After the second coat of dye dries on the base I’ll apply the oil mix over the dye.



5 thoughts on “Surf Board Table III -vi

  1. I am loving your site and your furnituure. I am a 41 yr. old surfer and carpenter who has been trying to figure out what to do with my passions. So I am just beginning my surf/art/furniture ideas/buisnessand your stuff is inspiring.

    Keep it up
    Kent Honea
    Charleston, SC

  2. Kent,

    Thank you for your comments. Sometimes it can be hard to mix passions. Have you read the magazine Surfers’ Journal? They often have articles about artists who are surfers (or vica versa). There have been some really inspiring articles.


  3. Absolutely incredible. Do you sell these, or was this just one that you did for yourself? Any other styles? If so, how much would one be? If not, perhaps you know of somewhere I might be able to find the next best thing…


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