Ahhh summer…

We drove north to be with extended family for a Christmas get together over the weekend. We had to drive through very dense fog with almost zero visibility at times on Saturday, then the temperature dropped on Sunday as very gusty winds came through. Sunday morning started out around 40 degrees before sunrise and had dropped to 16 degrees by 9 AM. Luckily we missed the worst of the snow, just to the west of us they got 10-12 inches.

When we made it back home, safe and sound there was a hand made Christmas card in the mail that contained a CD of pictures. The card and pictures were from Fred and Pat, very close friends. Fred and I use to share the shop space that I eventually took over after Fred moved out. They also happen to own a small sailboat.

One day back in 2006 they were out sailing and I sailed by while single handling the Orca. Pat took a series of pictures as I tacked around them and then sailed on. I’d been badgering her for copies for some time and low and behold here they were on the CD. What a great summer’s day back in 2006.

Todd sailing Orca.
Look Ma, no hands!

What a great gift to have received as winter starts in earnest. Thanks Pat!

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