The next table. part 1

I’m finishing a project that was originally commissioned exactly one year ago. It got delayed because the end user wanted to have a chair re-upholstered and wanted to be sure that this table came out to the exact same height as the arm of the chair. The upholsterer took quite a while to get that job done so even though I had been given the deposit, had completed the drawings, had started making the tooling required and had purchased some of the materials I was told to hold off until the chair was done.

This table is a pedestal with curved sides veneered in maple, dyed black and finished with a polyurethane semi-gloss finish.  Here’s a screen grab from the design I created.


This design was based on a table my client, an interior designer, found elsewhere and asked me to modify to suit the end user.

I decided to carve the shape out of stacked MDF board. I had done this before, for the same client and end user actually, on a piece that was finished by Catherine Lottes.


I started by making two stacks.


Then glued the 2 halves together.


To create the shape from the glued up stack, the work piece, I designed a “machine” to guide a grinder with a cutter attached. I used my Rhino program to design the machine.


The work piece is shaped on one face then the machine is taken apart and the work piece is rotated 90 degrees about the vertical axis (vertical when the table is standing upright) and the machine is put back together around the work piece to carve the next face. The grinder that spins the cutter is fixed to a piece of PVC pipe that rides on guides attached to the carriage. The carriage in turn rides on rails from side to side. I can easily lift the cutter assembly out as well as slide the carriage out to access the work piece for final sanding.

Here’s the machine in action.



Some interesting textures are created in this process and I would like to make a table using this process that would retain the texture in some way.


See part 2 for the next phase of the making of this table.
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part 2

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