4 thoughts on “Surf Board Table III-ix

  1. Tanya,

    Many thanks!

    Your work is beautiful as well. I really like the way you use found rocks or stones with iron. I’ve been collecting stones with ideas of incorporating them in my work some how. This is something I started thinking about when I came across what I thought were called philosopher stones, carved wooden bases holding stones that bring to mind mountains and landscapes like the 3 gorges in china. Googling philosopher stones brings up a lot of other stuff but not what I’m thinking of, I’ll check my journals.

  2. Tanya,

    It wasn’t philosopher stones that I was thinking of it was “Scholars Rocks” also known as Lingbi. While these tend to be more complex and intricate than the rounded river rocks you are using I have always thought that the presentation of the more smooth and rounded rocks in furniture would work. Maybe more of a Japanese Zen approach than Chinese Confucian. You are doing it nicely.

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