Changes have arrived

I have moved my studio to a new location! I am no longer at the Milwaukee Fortress, I have moved just a few miles north to a building called the Nut Factory. My new address is 3720 North Fratney Street, Studio 3D, Milwaukee, WI 53212.


Actually I’m still in the process of moving so I can’t really take the time to do a proper post here, but will soon.

So far I’m still here.

It looks like I will not be forced to move the studio as quickly as I first feared. The building’s owner has changed his plan for developing this building into apartments. This change of plans may have something to do with the 1,000+ new apartment units already being built within a mile of my location.

Meanwhile I’ve turned a tree a client had taken down in his yard into a dining table. I never did get any good photos of this project but I do have a screen grab of the design showing some of the complex joinery from below.


I have also completed a series of 3 legged stools made from wood I have been setting aside for stools. I figured I may as well get them made so I won’t have to move the wood when I do eventually move the shop.


Last but not least I have been working on several art projects and have just completed a major piece.

First Stand

First Stand

This piece is 50.5″ x 35.5″. It was made with pine, plywood and latex house paint.

I haven’t written much about my art work on this blog, I hope to be adding some work soon.

Big Changes Coming

I have learned in the last few weeks that the building that my studio is in will  be converted to apartments soon. I have been in this building for 25 years now. I am currently focused on finding a new location.

The Milwaukee Fortress, about to be converted to apartments.

The Milwaukee Fortress, about to be converted to apartments.