Guitar Stool/ Guitar Stand

This  guitar stool/ guitar stand was created to have a great looking place to keep your guitar, have it readily available and have just the right spot to sit and play a few chords even if you have just a few minutes during a busy day. It offers a chance to step away from the hustle of the day, relax for a few minutes and renew yourself. This stool is now available at my Etsy store as a made to order item.

I am also showing it on my web site.

Yacht braid  creates a restraint to hold the guitar securely. This is easily removed from either end and is not required to hold the guitar, just an extra bit of safety for your valuable instrument.

Cork lined crotch  holds the guitar neck without damaging your guitar’s finish.

The seat is carved from walnut and the legs are ash.

Industrial felt is used to cushion all other contact areas. One note: this works best as a stand for hollow body guitars.

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20 thoughts on “Guitar Stool/ Guitar Stand

  1. Todd, I am very interested in having two of these stools. Could you tell me the height of the stool? I’m only 5’3″ and would feel more comfortable with short legs. Thank you! Deb Floyd

  2. hi, I’m doing an IGCSE in DT and really wanted to make this stool as part of my practical coursework, would you be willing to email me the cutting lists etc and any tips for making it. i really enjoy wood work and need a guitar stool, so could you please email me at thanks.

    • Toby,
      While I’m flattered that you asked me I’m afraid I am not able to help you out. You have to realize that this design is proprietary. I make and sell these as part of my business.


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