So far I’m still here.

It looks like I will not be forced to move the studio as quickly as I first feared. The building’s owner has changed his plan for developing this building into apartments. This change of plans may have something to do with the 1,000+ new apartment units already being built within a mile of my location.

Meanwhile I’ve turned a tree a client had taken down in his yard into a dining table. I never did get any good photos of this project but I do have a screen grab of the design showing some of the complex joinery from below.


I have also completed a series of 3 legged stools made from wood I have been setting aside for stools. I figured I may as well get them made so I won’t have to move the wood when I do eventually move the shop.


Last but not least I have been working on several art projects and have just completed a major piece.

First Stand

First Stand

This piece is 50.5″ x 35.5″. It was made with pine, plywood and latex house paint.

I haven’t written much about my art work on this blog, I hope to be adding some work soon.

Big Changes Coming

I have learned in the last few weeks that the building that my studio is in will  be converted to apartments soon. I have been in this building for 25 years now. I am currently focused on finding a new location.

The Milwaukee Fortress, about to be converted to apartments.

The Milwaukee Fortress, about to be converted to apartments.

Sitting Mobile sold

This piece was recently sold.

I first posted about it here. I was thrilled that it sold and was happy to ship it out, but was also quite sad to see it go. I’ve had it for some time and had gone through what is a typical cycle for me of really being passionate about it when I first made it, then slowly becoming very critical of it to the point of apathy, and finally, as it becomes almost a fixture in my studio, finding a real appreciation for it. It was sold on my Etsy site.

This cycle of like – dislike – like is something I’ve learned to watch for. I try not to make any disastrous moves that I may come to regret during the dislike phase.

What I find interesting is that the qualities of a piece that I’ve made, that I was trying for when I made it in the first place are often not the the elements that I come to value at the end of this cycle. And this cycle is not continuous, it does end. It’s important to trust myself, that my initial instincts are often valuable.

Some pieces, however, I am lucky enough to not to go through this cycle with, and I just like what I did.